My studio is moving to a new location. The old studio space has served me very well for years but it’s time to move to a bigger and better place.

The new studio is located at the Business Technology Center in Rock Hill SC and shares space with Digital Hyper Studios. Digital Hyper offers services in the animation realm creating commercials, graphic packages, visual effects, web presentations and more. We’re separate businesses, but we do work together on various projects and it’s a natural partnership.

Here is how the space was converted….

drywall and cloudUpdate 1: The drywall was just finished. The walls were thin and didn’t have a very high STC (sound transmission class) rating. By adding a layer of 5/8″ drywall with Green Glue, the walls should rate higher. Next step is sealing the room’s air gaps.

Update 2: The ceiling is done and air gaps are sealed. We removed the noisy fluorescent lights, installed some absorption panels above the mix position, and created a barrier above the drop. The barrier did a decent job reducing transmission from room-to-room. Next step is paint and panels!

studioPaintUpdate 3: Everything is done construction wise. I’ve already started moving some small stuff to the space and added a few Tri-traps from GIK. After we finish the current project and mixes, the next step is tear down the old studio and move in.

Update 4: At last… in the space and working. All the gear is up and running. We ran a vocal over-dub session last night and the space sounds pretty good. There are a few tweaks left and a bit of clean-up but… it’s close enough to call it finished.