Intellijel Plonk – free sample pack

Intellijel’s Plonk is a physical modeling percussion synthesizer for eurorack format. It’s made in partnership with Applied Acoustics Systems (A|A|S) who specialize in physical modeling. I think their plugin Chromaphone is really the legacy brain behind Plonk. Both are great… Plonk, being hardware, has less depth but seems more playable; especially live. Chromaphone works better in DAW production. You just can’t beat plugin recall and precision control in a sequence.

Now that the summary is out of the way… I made some sounds. You can have them for free. These are rough edits… and loosely categorized into folders, and should be somewhat self-explanatory. I find them really useful in a hardware sampler like Octatrack, or in a software drum plugin like Battery.

Free drum sample pack - Plonk HitsFor a more entertaining look into what Plonk can do…   and to see the trick I used to make this collection of samples,  watch this video from the talented Andrew Haung.

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