Project breakdown – sound design and music scoring

Why use sound design and music? This project breakdown intends to show the impact sound design and music can have. Not every project needs both, and some don’t need either… but often the impact of custom sound design and/or music is at least positive and at best game changing.

Game Hatchers used Digital Hyper to create the visuals for this project. After the video was completed, all of the visuals needed sounds to enhance the realism and music to create the “Epic Video Game” experience. Sound design and music for the project were completed in two days; one for each task. Here is the video without any sound and music added. (no sound until 0:26)

Sound Design

The first step was to modify the voice. The intent was to have the commander talking through a communication system of some type. Next was to create all of the sounds for visual elements. Here is the isolated SFX track with dialog mods.


Given the option of stock vs custom music, Game Hatchers choose to have the video scored. Custom music was the faster and more efficient approach compared to searching through thousands of stock tracks in hopes of finding the right style and length. An original music score could be tailored to what they wanted and be written to sync with the video’s edit. Here is the isolated music track.

Sound Design and Music

Last step was to fold it all together and mix the elements. Here’s the final.

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