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Joe Miller works as a musician/composer, a sound designer, and audio engineer. For previous work, portfolio/demos, and blog posts about music/sound topics or tutorials.... Please look around.

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What I Do

  • Music Production
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Post Production


I appreciate diversity in my work and am lucky to have composed and produced a wide range of musical styles, depending on the project at hand. These are samples from projects to pass through the studio. Thanks for listening!


Americana theme for lifestyle television

Calm and bubbling corporate bed.

Rock track for an advertising campaign.

Animation theme blends urban and science fiction textures.


Previous Clients

Adult Swim | American Athletic Conference | American Epic – PBS/BBC | Buffalo Wild Wings | Carolina’s Wind Symphony | Clariant | Coca-Cola Consolidated | Continental Tire | Dick’s Sporting Goods | Digital Hyper Studios | Food Lion | Full Scale Productions | Gaia Online Games | General Tire | Handcrafted America | Harris Teeter | Ingersoll Rand | Kain Label | K2 Productions | Lifetime | Make-a-Wish Foundation | Mercedes Benz | Microsoft | NASCAR | Nascar Illustrated | NC Education Lottery | Omaze | Oasis Films | Out of Bounds Ensemble | Piggly Wiggly | Rawle Murdy & Associates | SC Stingrays | Shakespeare Carolina | TLC | Toyota | Trone Brand Energy | United Technologies | York County Choral Society | Zerechak Films | ZyPIX Productions | Etc.


The studio is designed as a music production and audio post production work space. Equipment and software on site are all suited for music scoring, sound design and audio post production. A variety of instruments and microphones are available for instrumental overdubs, recording vocalists, and voice over artist. More than 2TB of stock sound effects are tagged and quickly searchable; footsteps, backgrounds, transitions. Mixing and Dolby encoding for up to 5.1 surround is available.


The composer John Cage might say that sound design was just a form of music composition. Cage studied under the legendary Arnold Schoenberg who coined the term Tonmeister – a person who creates recordings or broadcasts of music who is both deeply musically trained, in classical and non-classical genres, and also who has a detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of virtually all aspects of sound recording.
Sounds Like Joe LLC is loosely built around these concepts. For modern visual media, Music Composition and Sound Design and Audio Engineering are all intertwined on some level. A central location for audio post production eliminates repetitive explanations and centralizes your process. In addition to efficiency, the best results happen when your music composition & sound design are conceptualized to work together in service of the narrative.


    Intellijel Plonk – free sample pack

    Intellijel’s Plonk is a physical modeling percussion synthesizer for eurorack format. It’s made in partnership with Applied Acoustics Systems (A|A|S) who specialize in physical modeling. I think their plugin Chromaphone is really the legacy brain behind Plonk.

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    Building the Google Nsynth Super

    Sometimes we need “development projects” for our staff (that’s a self-employed code word for self). When Google announced the Nsynth Super, it was an instant YES for three reasons. 1) It’s an awesome concept 2) Learning SMD

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    Modular Synth workstation. The music and sound sandbox

    New tools for the studio… It’s taken about a year to design and acquire this setup, but the potential for generating interesting music and sound design was well worth it. Already this work area has produced some

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    Octatrack Tutorial – bookmark post

    The most important reading for OT starts is the manual. The next most referenced document is Merlin’s Guide, a user perspective and review of the workflow. Added here for easy reference. Link collection originally found at

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