You're not just hiring one guy named Joe.

You're hiring a lifetime of experience and a deep network of contractors and talent.
Here are the things we do regularly....

Music Scoring

We write original music that fits the action and emotion of your project.

Music Editing

You have music and we edit or remix that track to make it fit your project.

Music Logos & FX

We create a short musical counterpart to your logo animation, or a musical sounding effect.

Sound Design

We concept and create interesting sounds that impact listeners and bring media to life.


We use actors and objects to make the environmental sounds your film is missing.


We provide the tools and space needed to correctly re-record your actors' dialog.

Audio Post Production

We mix your film, tv show, or album so that it sounds great in surround, stereo, and mono.

Noise Reduction & Restoration

We fix or improve damaged and poor quality audio recordings.

Recording & Field Audio

Recording and mixing on location for film, video, or live streaming. We bring the studio to you.