We produce all kinds of music. Most often we work in these broad groups/styles. Each group has music examples from previous client projects. To date,  we have produced more than 300 pieces of client approved original music for everything from feature films to national advertising to kids cartoons to zombie films.

Pink Morning ThemeIndie feature comedy
Comedy at GunpointTongue-in-cheek suspense
TensionSlow burn of suspense and building tension.
Relaxing AtmosphereNature documentary textures
Privacy ConflictDocumentary about cyber security and social media
JunkerGlitchy beat with dulcimer 
Bright Still SunSynthesizer song for indie film
Cybernetic FutureNight streets in future Tokyo 
Rick & Morty ThemeFrom promo series, hip hop fusion
GameboyHiphop-Jazz fusion, video game track.
SomavarSubtle and textural electronica
DjankenClassic french jazz cafe
17th Century FranceGuitar arrangement of period court music
Ode to JayWestern waltz
Susie ZydecoLouisianan influenced groove
Dirty BluesDepression era underscore
The Jazz EraA swing ballad plays while Gramps sleeps in his chair.
Look AroundThoughtful and light music bed
Super KidHeroic build to 30
Visiting FriendsBouncy and fun adventure time
Hello DoktorZany science fiction adventure!
Happy ManFun around the office
Morning CoffeeUnderscore with positive tones