The WAV Lab is a studio facility operated by Sounds Like Joe LLC.  The studio is approximately 2400 sq/ft of total space, and located 17 miles from the center of Charlotte NC. It’s a comfortable workplace for audio post production and musical artists.

Studio A control room is tuned for precise mixing in multichannel formats.  Our tracking room is 22’x20′ with a custom wall patch system that allows for 32 send and 8 return audio channels. It also has three windowed ISO booths, and large screen TV monitor. This live room is suitable for Music Production (stands and chairs for up to 10), Foley (props and walkers available), ADR, and Live Streaming.

Studio B control room and tracking room available for freelance engineers and DIY musicians, or as office space for visiting productions.

General Amenities and Features:

  • Wi-fi and Fiber Internet
  • Furnished common area
  • Fully insured for property and body
  • CCTV 24hr video monitoring

Area Features and Info:   

  • Located in Fort Mill, SC
  • Excellent Food and Retail nearby
  • 15min to downtown Charlotte
  • Exterior Video Surveillance

You can do good audio with only a computer and some software…..   but for great recording you need a quality analog front-end.  Add knobs and real synths that you can control with your hands, and the studio becomes an instrument in its own right.

Audio Equipment 

Buzz Audio ARC1.1 channel strip, Sound Craft Ghost 32 (CAL mods), SSL G-bus compressor clone, Black Lion B172a dual compressor, RME UFX+ 96ch audio interface and recorder, Dynaudio BM5a 5.1 with two BM9s sub, Ferrofish A32, Apogee AD16X

Mics:  Schoeps CMC4 pair with caps, Neumann u87, AEA R84A, Electrovoice RE20, Sennheiser MKH416, MKH50, MD412, e609, Shure KSM32, SM7b, SM81, SM77, SM57, SM58, Audio Technica AT4050, CAD e100 (pair), Sanken Cos11-d, Rode NT-SF1 Ambiesonic Surround mic, and more

Hardware Synthesizers

Custom Eurorack Modular Synth, Arturia Polybrute, Mutable Instruments Ambika, Access Virus B, Google Nsynth Super, and other classics or clones

Its a digital industry, and we do a lot of different things with a lot of different tools.  If you’re interested in knowing what software we use, this section lists the more common items. We have more than this, and add things too often…   but these are a few highlights.


Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Max/MSP, Wavelab, Live, Reaper, Finale, Dorico, Adobe Creative Suite.   All software current version

Sample Library

Spitfire Audio Albions Collection, Spitfire Audio Symphony Complete, Cinesamples Winds, Brass, and Percussion, Abby Roads, Piano in Blue, and Jerry’s Pianos, East West Composer Cloud, Audiobro LADD and LASS, Project Sam Symphobia, Orchestra Essentials, Swing, Animator,  Sonic Couture – all products

Audio Plugins

Universal Audio UAD (majority of all plugins), Fab Filter Complete Bundle, iZotope Complete Bundle, GRM Tools by IRCAM Complete Bundle, Voxengo Complete Bundle, Waves Gold Bundle

Virtual Instruments

Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate,  Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trillian, and RMX, Roland Cloud, Virtual CZ, U-He Diva and Zebra, Output Complete Bundle, Serum

Good location audio requires a different tool set than studio work. It needs to be fast, accurate, and rock solid. These are the tools we have available for field and event support. Field and Event gear is also available for rent on daily or weekly basis.

Field Kit

Sound Devices 633 recorder, Lectrosonics wireless lav mics (x4), Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun and MKH50 HyperCardioid, Ambient Nano Lockit (x2) Timecode boxes, Denecke Smart Slate, Sennheiser G3 wireless audio hops, and all the extras to make it work well on set.

Event Package 

Allen Heath SQ5 with Dante and Stagebox. QU-16 digital mixer/recorders, A&H Mixwizard 16ch, Sound Craft EMP8, Sennheiser wireless kits (x8) with lav and handheld, Sennheiser wireless IEM/IFB kits (x4), Powered Antennas, Yamaha and JBL speakers with subs.

This kit is capable of mixing separate live sound reinforcement and broadcast mixes simultaneously.  All while recording 16 isolated tracks of event microphones.